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Creating Audio Products Instead Of Video – Part 2

November 8, 2023

In Part 1 of Creating Audio Products Instead Of Video I talked about how audio products are easier to create than video.

I also gave an overview of how you can create an audio product within an hour.

The basics are that you plan out what your audio product is going to be about, record it, edit it and publish it! Simple.

Convenience Is Key

From a user’s perspective, audio is much more convenient to consume than video because it allows them to listen to your programme in their own time and, more importantly, while they are doing other things.

They don’t need to be sitting at their computer to listen to it. They have the flexibility of streaming it or downloading it on to their iPod/mp3 player… heck, they can even burn it to a CD if they want.

You see that’s a major advantage that audio has over video. With video you’re tied to a PC screen and you have to sit there and watch, but with audio you can listen to it pretty much anywhere while doing pretty much anything!

Size Matters

Another advantage that audio has over video is ‘file size’.

If you have a super-fast broadband that’s less of an issue… but your customers connection might not be as fast as yours or they may have one of those internet packages that restricts bandwidth/usage allowance once the reach a pre-determined limit.

Something else to remember is that if you’re selling products to countries all over the world then some of your potential customers could live in a place where internet speeds still have to catch up with the type that we now take for granted.

Therefore if you’re always serving up bandwidth-hungry video you could easily be alienating a huge proportion of your potential clients.

And it’s not just customers with slow home broadband connections who might suffer when watching video… As anyone with a smartphone will tell you, bandwidth usage is a real issue and video content eats up bandwidth allowances like nothing else.

But audio products are usually much smaller files so they can be downloaded much more easily even on the slowest internet connections – or ones with restricted bandwidth allowances.

Audio Is Important

Audio still has a very important role in any marketing mix but is often overlooked in favour of PDF reports or video content.

But that gives savvy people (like you!) the perfect opportunity to stand out. If you *really want* your voice to be heard in any niche, listen closely because using audio can really help your message be heard louder than anything or anyone else.

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