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Tips For Getting Interviewed On Podcasts

December 31, 2023

Getting on other people's podcasts is a great way to gain exposure and drive traffic to your website, business or offer.

But how do you get the podcasters' attention in the first place?

Here are my Top 8 tips to getting interviewed and even being asked back again.

Tip 1. Listen to several episodes of the show before contacting the host. You want to know the show's format as well as whether or not your concept fits into their market.

Tip 2. If you have done prior interviews, let the podcaster know this in your first contact. Direct them to your media page or to past interviews.

Tip 3. Have something to say. “Hey, I wrote a new book!” isn't necessarily enough, unless it's a book with new information that fits perfectly with the theme of the show. You can gain an edge by moving it up a notch – having a special event for charity, for example, could get you to the top of the list of potential guests.

Tip 4. Provide the interviewer a list of questions in advance, along with a sample of your product or book.

Tip 5. Tell your list about the interview and encourage them to listen in. This is giving your host more listeners which they will appreciate.

Tip 6. Blog about the interview before and after.

Tip 7. Be knowledgeable in your niche. Be prepared to offer lots of great, usable information on the podcast. Do not hold back and simply tell them to buy the book. The more you give away, the better the host and audience will like you. In addition, the audience will think, “If s/he's telling this much for free, imagine what must be in the book!”

Tip 8. Be sure to thank the host and send them a gift.

Bonus Tip: Always ask for a copy of the interview so you can use it in your own marketing.