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7 Steps To Creating Your First Audio Product

December 29, 2023

In this article I'm going to explain how it's possible to create a profitable product that not only has a high perceived value but is almost guaranteed to bring its own traffic and sales.

So let's talk… Audio Interviews.

These are a great shortcut when you're first starting out, as you can play the part of the interviewer and tap into someone else's knowledge on any particular subject or niche.

Step One: Choose A Niche

You'll only need to do this step if you don't already have a niche.

Remember that ideally you want to find a niche with experts who already have their own email lists.

Step Two: Choose A Hook

If your niche is vegetable gardening, your hook might be, “How to grow an entire years worth of veggies for less than $50.”

If your niche is classic cars, your hook might be, “How to buy classic cars for half their real value.”

If your niche is Internet Marketing, your hook might be, “How to drive tons of traffic to your website without spending a dime.”

Step Three: Find Your Experts

Book authors are great for this, but so are bloggers and any fairly well-known experts in your niche.

Don't be afraid to approach well known people because you're going to offer them something they want – exposure!

Everyone has something they want to plug, whether it's their latest book, their website, their new product or whatever – and you're going to use this to your advantage.

Step Four: Contact Your Experts

You can do this through phone or email, whichever you're more comfortable with.

Ask them if you can interview them, and be sure to mention that you want to plug their latest product or book for several minutes at the end of the interview.

Everyone loves a chance to not only expand their audience, but to also make some sales of their latest product.

Step Five: Sign Up As An Affiliate

If their product has an affiliate program you'll want to sign up as an affiliate. Do a simple redirect from your website and give *your* link at the end of the interview to promote the product.

This way both you and your interview subject will make money.

Step Six: Conduct The Interview

Sign up for a trial at Instant Teleseminar. You'll get your own conference number and access code.

Set the interview up to be recorded, and once the interview is over you can download the mp3 recording. Simple!

Keep the interview fun and relaxed, and ask questions along the lines of your hook.

You might want to let your interview subject know ahead of time what you will be asking so they can be properly prepared. They might also have suggestions for you on what they would like you to ask them.

Step Seven: Ask Your Interviewees To Promote Your Product For You

Because they are one of the featured speakers they will most likely not only promote it, but promote it heavily.

In addition to sales for you and commissions for them; it also means subscriber sign ups for you and back end sales as well (remember, you're promoting a product at the end of each interview and receiving affiliate commissions on those as well.)

Wrapping Up

This is a fast, easy way to create your own product with a high perceived value.

If you do a dozen or so interviews, you can easily charge $47 to $97 for the package.

And since you've chosen experts who have their own mailing lists, you'll also have a way to promote your product for immediate sales while simultaneously growing your email list.