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First Steps To Making Money Online

April 22, 2023

There are literally thousands of courses you can buy that will tell you how to make money online.

But really there is only one method… sell something to someone.

That’s it!

That's the gods-honest secret to making money online.

And once you know that ‘secret’, it’s just a matter of deciding what you’re going to sell and who you’re going to sell it to.

An idea is to start out on


Because, when you’re first starting out, they do all of the ‘heavy lifting' for you.

  • They already have a popular website where you can list your product or service
  • They already have hundreds of thousands of daily visitors
  • They don’t charge you anything upfront to make a listing

In fact, the only ‘trick' I use when selling on Fiverr (if you can call it that) is to focus on selling unique products and services that I've created myself.

And I usually create those products at ‘zero cost' by using the methods I outline in The Zero Cost Product Creation Method.

That's it. There really is nothing else to it.

But if you’re trying to build your online business while buying every single IM program that comes along, well that's a lot like trying to get across town when you’ve got a hundred people telling you different ways to get there.

  • You gotta have the right shoes or you’re not gonna make it – buy these!
  • You better buy our raincoat, it could rain and then you’d be in trouble!
  • Jump aboard my shuttle bus and it will get you there faster!
  • No! Wait! Buy my car instead… the bus will take forever to arrive!
  • Forget the car, take my limo, it's luxurious and we’ll even do the driving for you!
  • No! Limos are too slow! Why not buy this helicopter… it will pay for itself in the long-run!

And so on!

Pretty soon you’ll be so confused you don’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, the girl who chose her path and ignored all the hype has already arrived at her destination.

She’s the one sipping cocktails and wondering why everyone else says it’s so hard to get to where she is.

Yep, she is already there… waiting for you… only you’re not there yet.

Get the point?

If you have an interest in a topic – chances are there are other people who are interested in it too.

And those people are your ‘audience’.

They’re the ones prepared to invest in their hobby/interest.

So if you stand in-front of them with your unique product, chances are they’ll reward you with their custom.

If you already know the basics of marketing, then the easiest method is to turn off your Internet connection and just get started.

Take that first step and keep going.

Soon you’ll find that the rest will take care of itself.