Creating audio products

Why I Love Audio

June 17, 2023

I love audio!

Both listening to it and making it.

In fact, I’ve dedicated my whole professional life to the pursuit of creating great quality audio products.

The amazing thing about audio is how flexible it is. You can listen to it while you’re driving, while you’re taking a shower, on the treadmill at the gym… anywhere (you could even listen in bed if you want… just make sure you get prior permission from your other half first).

Video ties you to a PC (and often an internet connection) and, of course, when it comes to books… you have to carry them around with you with you.

The difference with audio is that your customers can pop your content on their phones or their iPod/MP3 player, and it’s always with them!

To me, that’s a major advantage that audio products have over any other kind of media… I mean, just try reading a printed report in the shower* or watching a video while you’re driving*

*obviously don’t try these, I’m simply doing my best to make a point. :)

Audio content can be consumed pretty much anywhere. And when it comes to marketing, audio is a much less crowded marketplace compared with video, books and website content.

So if you’re planning to create audio products to sell or giveaway online, they really are the best way of reaching out to a wide audience.

If you think about it, people have to consciously put aside the time needed to read a report (or ebook) or to watch a video, but with audio they can be doing other things (walking the dog, washing the dishes, whatever).

So if you’re planning on making products of your own to either sell or give away online, audio is the ideal medium. All you need is some simple equipment and a voice (and I think it’s safe to say that most people have one of those).

I’m in the lucky position to use my audio skills to reach out to millions of people worldwide, selling my award winning syndicated content to radio stations in over 50 countries – and the good news is, you’re going to get an over the shoulder look at my business and how I create great sounding audio content that sells like hot cakes!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to talk more about how you can start creating audio products of your own. I’ll take a look at the equipment you’ll need; how you can distribute them and, perhaps most importantly, how you can profit from them.

Until next time!

If you’ve got a question about audio, do post up a comment below and I’ll give you my take on it.