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Making Money With Audio: Let Your Voice Be Heard

March 3, 2023

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There are so many benefits to using audio products in your marketing mix.

Whether it's a piece of audio that plays on your website; a podcast; a radio commercial; whatever.

But did you know, there's one secret weapon when it comes to making money with audio and it might actually surprise you.

It's very subtle, has a massive amount of impact and can certainly drive more revenue into your business than you ever thought possible.

What's more, you already own it!

I'm talking about… your voice.

Why's that important?

Well, firstly everyone's voice is unique. No-one else in the world sounds exactly the same as you (except for one or two talented impressionists perhaps).

The thing is… every time you use your voice it shows much more about you and your personality than you might think.

The tone and inflection (or timbre) can convey empathy, emotion, excitement… in fact it can show pretty much any emotion (including annoyance and sadness).

So by using YOUR voice to reach out to your clients and potential clients it helps you to make a bond/connection.

I'm sure you already know the age old saying that in business ‘people buy from people'? Well audio certainly lends you a helping hand as it allows clients (or potential clients) to get to know you better.

This in turn will make them much more likely to want to buy from you instead of anyone else.

Words on paper (or a computer ‘screen') just doesn't come close to the impact of audio. In fact it can have the exact opposite effect.

For example, how many times have you written an email, hit send and then read it back to yourself only to think… “hang on that sounds confrontational when I meant it to sound fun?!”

That's the main reason why the little smiley face emoticon had to be invented.

But with your voice people can easily tell if you're joking (or not).

So let your voice be heard!..  and you'll soon see for yourself how effective it can be at making money for your business.

PS. Ever heard the phrase “word of mouth”? Well there's a reason they say it's the most effective form of advertising. :)


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