Audio Creation Kit Module 02

Welcome to Module 02 of the free Audio Creation Kit series.

If you've already listened to the audio presentation in Module 01, I hope it inspired enough to see that creating your own audio products isn't perhaps as daunting as you have previously thought. Microphone

Here in Module 02, I will answer a couple of questions that you might have about making your own audio products and I'd also like to give a free gift. More on that in just a moment…

Answers To Your Questions

Firstly, most of the people I've spoken to want to make their first few audio products on a very limited budget and then, once they're seeing a financial return, are looking to invest more to achieve better quality.

However if you want to invest in the top quality from the start (and can afford to do so) then go for it!

But to be able to make your own products you will need some basic ‘stuff'.

With this in mind I figured it was best if give you a list of the hardware & software packages I use. I mentioned some of these in Module 01, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

Wherever possible I've given 3 options so you can decide which one best fits your budget:

  • Free/Cheapest Option
  • Mid-range Option (£15-£100 range) (approx. $20-$130)
  • Professional Option (£100+) (approx. $130+)

Any items with a * next to them are the ones I'd recommend if you are just getting started. Once you're stepping up a gear you can then decide if you want to invest in any of the more expensive suggestions.

Note: Try not to use your computer's built-in Microphone – the quality just isn't good enough.

Use your iPhone (or smart-phone) and transfer the audio files to your PC/Mac
Plantronics 655 Headset With Mic (USB Connector)
 Rode NT-USB Microphone
Professional Range:
Neumann U87 Microphone

Audio Editing Software:
Free*: Audacity (PC & Mac)
Professional Range: Adobe Audition

Skype Recording Software:
Free*: CallGraph (PC)
Cheapest*: eCamm Call Recorder (Mac)

With just those 3 things you can make your own audio products.

What's Coming Next & Your Free Gift

In the next module, I'll be discussing the “Interview Model” of audio products. These are widely considered to be the easiest of all audio products to create.

To get you ready for that module, I want to give you a FREE copy of my ‘Interview Cheat Sheets'. These usually sell for $5, but I want you to have them at no cost.

Download your copy of the INTERVIEW CHEAT SHEETS here.

Take a look through and I'll email you in a few days with your next module.

Microphone image courtesy of Roberto Verzo and is used with permission

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