Audio Creation Kit Module 01

Thanks again for signing up and welcome to my audio course.

On this page you will find the first module of the course.

Module 1 is an exclusive audio presentation that I recorded as a hand-out (on CD) at a recent Internet Marketing event.

The reason I am including it as the first module is because it's a perfect example of the kind of  audio products you will be able to create yourself as you progress through this course.

How To Make Great-Sounding Audio Products is a 25-minute audio program that covers the following:

  • Why Audio Is Better Than Video
  • Utilising 100% Free Audio Software
  • Choosing The Right Equipment
  • Why A Microphone Isn't Necessary
  • Cost-Effective Sound-Proofing Techniques
  • How To Record An Interview Using Skype

Click play on the player above and I hope you enjoy listening.

I'll send you Module 2 in a couple of days time, so please keep an eye out for my next email.

In the meantime, click here to check out the rest of my website.

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