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    The Power Of The Podcast

    May 13, 2023

    Podcasting has really exploded since social media became popular as it has given people an avenue to connect with other people who are looking (or rather listening) out for new and interesting content.

    For The Consumer

    It’s the convenience of being able to find content that appeals directly to your own interests and hobbies that makes podcasting so attractive to consumers.

    Just think, you can now choose to download and listen to content that YOU enjoy, without exception or interruption. In fact it’s all right there at your fingertips.

    And with the various distribution networks (such as iTunes, YouTube and others) it’s easier than ever to get access to this ‘niche content’.

    Old Media vs New Media

    The explosion of readily-available content is now starting to erode the audiences of traditional media outlets (such as TV, radio, etc) because audiences can easily download appealing programming related to passions they enjoy.

    Whether it’s a few minutes watching videos on YouTube on your iPhone instead of watching TV; or listening to the latest comedy podcast via iTunes instead of tuning in to the radio, this is ‘time’ that you are not spending with those traditional outlets.

    For Content Providers

    Being able to connect with a hungry, passionate audience is one of things you’re able to achieve if you host your own podcast.

    Most podcasts are given away at no cost, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing the work for free.

    Just ask Pat Flynn from ‘Smart Passive Income'…

    He credits his podcast as the primary way he’s been able to generate a significant income every time he releases a new episode.

    In fact, Pat even publishes a monthly income report on his blog that shows how it all happens.

    And yes, it all stems back to the podcast he publishes for free.

    Audio Is Everywhere

    iTunes is, without doubt, the largest podcast directory in the world.

    Soundcloud is also a respected platform for content creators to host their podcast.

    But with the introduction of Twitter Audio Cards, it now means even Twitter users can quickly and convenient consume your content right there inside Twitter itself.

    This is a huge benefit for anyone who creates a podcast as it now allows people to use one of the most viral and user-friendly forms of social media to listen to their audio content.

    From songs and albums to podcasts and interviews, Twitter Audio Cards give such a wealth of opportunities for people to develop themselves and gain a substantial following.

    Most of us spend a lot of time on social media like Twitter now anyway, so it’s great to be able to turn to this type of website and then also find quality audio & video that we are going to enjoy.

    So rather than having to go to SoundCloud or iTunes or wherever to find your favourite podcast, you can now find it all linked up to Twitter as well!

    This makes sharing your hard work and getting your name out there easier than ever.

    You now have one of the most powerful and enjoyable social media platforms out there on the web available to you!

    What more could you ask for as an independent or freelance audio developers?

    Getting Your Podcast Into As Many Ears As Possible

    You can now make sure that the world hears your sounds rather than read about your sounds!

    This changes the entire dynamic of sharing content with each other – if you can just upload video & audio with a few clicks to your Twitter account, the potential really is unlimited for what you can use it for.

    The Power Podcasting Video

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